5.000/ 5.000 Catdogs minted

What are Catdogs?

Twice the pet and none of the mess. Catdogs Club are a community driven collection of 10.000 unique NFTs (5.000 Catdogs & 5.000 Buttbutts) placed on the Ethereum blockchain. With over 200+ traits, each NFT is a unique 1/1 artwork! Come join the Catdogs Club community and be part of our journey taking over the NFT space!

Why Catdogs?

By minting a Catdog you gain access to a fun, open and community driven NFT project. As a verified Catdog holder you will receive lots of benefits such as several airdrops, NFT breeding opportunities or whitelist spots for other NFT projects. All major decisions during our exciting journey will be discussed and voted by the community to assure we move along the path, which the community believes is best for our Catdog universe!



Q1 2022: Warm Up

Within the last few months we managed to build an ambitious, visionary and fun Catdog team located in Europe, the US and Asia. Together we worked on the Catdog NFT collection, the website, the smart contract, our social media appearances, our strategic direction and much more. After countless worked through nights and weekends, we finally can present the Catdog NFT project to you, our future community.


Q2 2022: Road to full Mint

On the road to the mint date, our main goal is to build a strong, long term community. We will accomplish this by executing different organic and guerilla marketing moves on several social media platforms. At full mint, 30+ ETH will be used for future hires, partnerships and marketing strategies to ensure the continuous growth of the Catdog NFTs. Furthermore, to celebrate our project´s success, we will donate a total of 10 ETH to 10 different cat & dog animal shelters chosen by our community.


Q3 2022: Airdrop & Whitelist

To give back to our loyal community, we are going to have a huge and 100% free NFT airdrop to all of our Catdog NFT holders. Every Catdog NFT will be airdropped its counterpart, a Buttbutt NFT, just as unique, cool and fun as the initial Catdog NFT collection. Additionally, all Catdog NFT holders will get exclusive whitelist spots to another brand new, thematically related NFT project, which will launch in Q1 2023.


Q4 2022: Breeding & Utility

To add utility to the Catdog and Buttbutt NFTs, we are going to give our community the opportunity of breeding both NFT collections with each other. A brand new NFT collection of mutated cats and dogs will be born when Catdogs and Buttbutts are bred - one looking sicker, crazier and scarier than the other. As a reward, holders of all three Catdog, Buttbut and Mutant NFTs will be given the chance to stake their NFTs in order to earn our newly launched $CDBBM coin.


Roadmap 2.0 - Extension

By the end of 2022 we will announce the Catdog Roadmap 2.0, looking into 2023. Our team will buy land on Sandbox and Decentraland, to make sure our main goal for the next year, bringing the Catdog NFTs into the metaverse, will be accomplished. Besides that we will be forming a Catdog DAO, so that from now on all major strategic decisions like Catdog Merch, Catdog P2E Gaming or Catdog Sponsorships will be discussed and decided by our community. To keep the phase of our extension creative, all steps will be visualized through blockchain based Catdog Comics, published 100% free on our website.



Rick aka Dogman

Founder & Project Lead

Former Comic Book Consultant for different well known projects shown by 20th Century Studios, FOX and Disney. Now NFT addict.

"In it for the long run - I will make sure that Catdogs will become the next NFT Bluechip project"


Omid aka Catman

Founder & Product Lead

Earlier Product Manager of different Silicon Valley companies, today 100% NFT & crypto commited

"Catdogs is not just another NFT collection. I will focus on bringing utility to the project - Airdrops, Breeding and much more to come!"


Michael aka Clonemaster


50% Game Dev, 50% Metaverse junkie

"Ever jumped on a Catdog`s back through the Metaverse? I`ll make sure you will one day!"


Luca aka Mutantmaster


Creative head, artist, UI and UX expert

"Have you ever seen such a crazy NFT collection with 2 bodyparts before? I don`t think so!"


Sitala aka Mrs. Meow

Community Manager

Good soul taking care of our community, through Discord, Twitter and Opensea

"The backbone of every successful NFT project is a happy and fun community!"


An NFT is a „Non-fungible Token”, in our case an ERC 721 Token which runs on the Ethereum Network. Each NFT is unique and the holder gets full rights to the owned NFT.

The easiest way is to install the Metamask extension in your Chrome browser and link your Ethereum wallet to it. Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover the costs of the NFT plus the associated transaction (gas) fees. Approve the transaction in your wallet and you are all set.

The only way to mint a Catdog NFT is through our website.

You can check out our Twitter, Discord and Opensea spaces. Join our beautiful community and let`s ride a rollercoaster full of fun, knowledge and utility!

Yes. All minted Catdog NFTs can be traded on Opensea.